Choosing a reputable roofer and the best roofing materials to protect your home can be overwhelming. These are the steps I recommend to ensure you’re making the right decision.

The first step is to consider your goals. Do you want to stop existing leaks, increase home value, extend the roof’s life, improve energy efficiency, or something else? Only when your goals are clear can you accurately determine if a company, their materials, warranty and certifications meet your goals. Next, answer the following questions for each quote:

  1. Materials: Do the materials qualify to meet your goals? Are the materials 100% UV stable? Do they withstand ponding water? Do the materials and their installation address the most-common reasons for roof failure: seams, canales, penetrations, UV damage, etc.
  2. Company: A company is only as good as their licenses, reputation, and referrals. Is the contractor licensed to work in New Mexico? Ask to see the following: New Mexico CID license, Liability Insurance, Worker’s Comp Insurance. Call the New Mexico Construction Industries Division (NMCID) at (505) 222-9815 to verify the license # is real. Ask to speak to at least three references.
  3. Warranty: No two warranties are the same. Many roofing warranties only cover materials. Not labor. Are you required to purchase a maintenance plan to keep your warranty valid? When I started Fix My Roof, I implemented a No-Cost Maintenance Package with all of our roofs. Every year, we inspect and perform preventive and predictive maintenance on all of our roofs.

4. Cost: I’ve seen everything from $3.00 – $14.00 per square foot. Unless your have 3+ roof layers, pumice, rotted decking, a water-damaged foam roof or other extreme issues, I’ve found the honest, reasonable range for quality roof work to range between $5.50 and $7.50 per square foot. Quotes outside this range are likely to be overcharging, using insufficient or poor quality materials, or are not properly licensed or insured.

Fix My Roof's Team of Roof Professionals

Fix My Roof’s Team of Roof Professionals

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