Fix My Roof LLC’s Silicone Membrane is Instant Solution

The Inn of the Mountain Gods was re-built ten years ago, opening in 2005. The original roof was standard modified bitumen, also called singly-ply, cap sheet, or rolled roofing. The Inn, which is located just outside Ruidoso New Mexico sits at approximately 10,000 feet above sea level and receives a little more than 35 inches of snow each year. Modified bitumen is a very common roofing method in New Mexico. Basically it’s the same material as shingles, but comes in three foot wide rolls that are heat-welded together with hot tar. After only seven years, the UV exposure, combined with the extreme freeze and thaw cycle had already caused multiple leaks. This is not uncommon aging. Petroleum based roofing materials do not age well in the New Mexico climate, which is why they require continuous maintenance and/or patching every six to twelve months.

In 2014, the Inn hired Fix My Roof LLC, based in Santa Fe New Mexico, to restore a significantly older roof on their Casino Apache Travel Center. Pleased with the results, Fix My Roof was called upon again to fix the leaks on top of New Mexico’s premier mountain resort.

Fix My Roof’s approach to roofing is unique, but has produced unparalleled results. Rather than tearing off old roofs, which interrupts business operations and contributes to unnecessary landfill waste, Fix My Roof LLC helps businesses and organizations reap the benefits of the National Roof Council’s advice.

According to the National Roof Council, “85% of roofs that are torn off don’t need to be; they can be restored” using Fix My Roof’s liquid-applied silicone, which is 100% UV stable, withstands ponding water, and expands and contracts with the New Mexico freeze and thaw cycle.

Jackie Blaylock, Director of Engineering and Facilities Maintenance has this to say about the success of Fix My Roof’s restoration process on flat roofs:

“We are extremely excited about our new roof! The Silicone Membrane Restoration has stopped all leaks, and we look forward to tracking the thousands of dollars we’ll save in both energy and maintenance costs. Working with Fix My Roof has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

While the roof restoration process costs approximately the same as a new roof, savings come in many ways. Fix My Roof provides free maintenance for ten years; other companies charge $1,000 annually for this same service. The restoration materials themselves improve the energy efficiency of the building; during summer weather, interior temperatures drop from 10-30 degrees.